Keres Day Eight - Saturday, 20 May 2000

The games from Day Eight
Open Section Crosstable
Under-2000, Under-1700 Section Crosstables

Day Eight top games


Leader Board

6.5-1.5 Ivkov, Epishin
6-2 Donaldson,
5.5-2.5 Gligoric
5-3 Herder, Jimenez, Milicevic, Gibney
4.5-3.5 Orlov, Vetemaa, Fullbrook, Vaglio, Harmon, Heinola, Stanford

Under-2000 sections

Leader Board

7-1 Kosinski
6.5-1.5 Moenke
5.5-2.5 Kerry, Krzyzowski, Stewart, Chranowski
4.5-3.5 Desquieu, Crook, Kruger, Medalen, Caluza, Firor, Davies

Under-1700 Section

5-3 Zamorano, Hardy
4-4 Chicoine, Jeremic
3.5-4.5 Abood, Martinson, Kranjevic

Players in bold are in the Under-1700 section. Although the sections are paired together (until the last three rounds, when they are paired separately), the prize funds are separate. The table now shows this separation.

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