Keres Day Six - Thursday, 18 May 2000

The games from Day Six
Open Section Crosstable
Under-2000, Under-1700 Section Crosstables

Day Six top games

Ivkov = Donaldson A quiet draw.

Vladimir Epishin

Epishin + Gligoric A titanic struggle, as Gligoric's knight found it hard to compete with Epishin's bishop. In the end Gligoric won a few pawns, but the important one was his opponent's on the seventh rank.

Basanta - Orlov Basanta looked set to make inroads with an exchange (for a pawn) sac on g5, but in Orlov's time trouble elected to keep things amorphous, which cost him the exchange and a pawn. Still, he fought like a tiger, well into the seventh hour.

Jimenez = Vetemaa A quiet draw.

Herder + Vaglio It looked like Herder might do well to accept a draw by repetition, but he pushed and pushed, with his bishop and passed pawns getting there faster than Vaglio's knight and passed pawns.

Leader Board

4.5-1.5 Ivkov, Epishin, Orlov
3-1 Gibney
4-2 Donaldson, Herder
2.5-1.5 Jimenez, Mazock, Pechisker
3-2 Poitras
3.5-2.5 Gligoric, Vetemaa, Harmon, Heinola, Sokourinski,

Under-2000 and Under-1700 sections

Leader Board

4-0 Kosinski
4-1 Crook
4.5-1.5 Chranowski, Moenke
3-1 Stewart
4-2 Kruger, Firor, Zamorano, Hardy,
2.5-1.5 Abood
3-2 Kerry
3.5-2.5 Desquieu, Krzyzowski, Medalen, Davies, Martinson

Players in bold are in the Under-1700 section. Although the sections are paired together (until the last three rounds, when they will be paired separately), the prize funds are separate. The table now shows this separation.

Players in the Accelerated schedule began play Wednesday morning at 9:00 am, and some of them (including some readers of this chronicle, hint, hint) have already joined the Leader Boards.

A player could still take 4 half-point byes, join the tournament Friday (two games), play another two Saturday, and one each Sunday and Monday.

Please consult the schedule.

Donde está la pluma de mi abuelita? See coverage of this tournament in Spanish: Ajedrez Actual .

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