Keres Day Five - Wednesday, 17 May 2000

The games from Day Five
Open Section Crosstable
Under-2000, Under-1700 Section Crosstables

Tournament organizer Toni Deline informs us that he spoke with Jaan Ehlvest on the phone Monday morning. GM Ehlvest regrets that, because of passport problems, he will be late in arriving in Vancouver and will not be able to play in the tournament. Instead he will be giving a simul, Monday May 22nd.

Day Five top games

Gligoric before his game with Ivkov GM
Ivkov before the game with Gligoric

Gligoric = Ivkov As expected by many, the Yugoslav Championship of Canada resulted in a quiet draw.
Donaldson-Orlov, round 5

Donaldson = Orlov As expected by some, the Washington State Championship of Canada resulted in a quiet draw. Both players are hoping for a nine-game Category 7 GM norm, which means dropping only half a point in the remaining games. The task is somewhat more daunting for Orlov, because he has yet to meet any of the three grandmasters, whereas Donaldson has already drawn two of them. Dragoljub Milicevic

Milicevic - Epishin Disdaining the peaceful approaches on boards 1 and 2, Milicevic went straight for the throat, resulting finally in a position where he had a beautiful knight, but no other pieces developed. In his game against Yoos from the B.C. Championship he won after having no pieces at all developed even well into the middlegame. At any rate, one is not the right number, and with incisive play, Epishin opened up his position like a knife into a watermelon.

Jimenez = Herder

Sokourinski = Vaglio

Two representatives from Costa Rica both won in the morning in the first round of the Accelerated schedule and both made solid draws in the evening round. We get players from Costa Rica, why don't we have more from Coquitlam or Comox?

Leader Board

4-1 Ivkov
3.5-1.5 Epishin, Orlov, Gligoric, Donaldson
1.5-0.5 Vaglio, Jimenez, Pechisker
2-1 Fullbrook
3-2 Basanta, Vetemaa, Herder, Harmon, Milicevic, Heinola, Sokourinski, Poitras

Under-2000 and Under-1700 sections

Lothar Moenke

Lothar Moenke, new leader in the Under-2000 section. Lothar founded the Continental Chess Club, one of Vancouver's finest places to play chess in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Leader Board

4.5-0.5 Moenke
4-1 Zamorano, Crook, Chranowski
2-0 Kosinski, Stewart
3.5-1.5 Martinson
3-2 Kruger, Kerry, Krzyzowski, Caluza, Firor, Davies, Hardy

Players in bold are in the Under-1700 section. Although the sections are paired together (until the last three rounds, when they will be paired separately), the prize funds are separate. The table now shows this separation.

Players in the Accelerated schedule began play Wednesday morning at 9:00 am, and some of them (including some readers of this chronicle, hint, hint) have already joined the Leader Boards.

A player could still take 4 half-point byes, join the tournament Friday (two games), play another two Saturday, and one each Sunday and Monday.

Please consult the schedule.

Donde está la pluma de mi abuelita? See coverage of this tournament in Spanish: Ajedrez Actual .

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