Keres Day Three - Monday, 15 May 2000

The games from Day Three
Open Section Crosstable
Under-2000, Under-1700 Section Crosstables

Pairings for Day Four

We will be opening the site at Totem Park at 3 pm Tuesday and, barring the Unforeseen, we will post pairings at 3:15.

Tournament organizer Toni Deline informs us that he spoke with Jaan Ehlvest on the phone Monday morning. GM Ehlvest regrets that, because of passport problems, he will be late in arriving in Vancouver and will not be able to play in the tournament. Instead he will be giving a simul, Monday May 22nd.

 Borislav Ivkov

Day Three top games

After two rounds of accelerated pairings, the rebound. Two lower-rated (well, lower-rated for an Open Section of the Keres!) players had survived the gauntlet, Haukenfrers and Stanford.

Ivkov + Haukenfrers Black lapsed into passivity (did Black profit from Nb8-d7-c5-d7? I would have put the N on c6 to challenge the dark squares. Shows how little I know.), and Ivkov rolled him up with frightening rapidity.

 Vladimir Epishin Mike Stanford

Stanford = Epishin Building on his accomplishments, Mike Stanford drew the highest rated GM in the tournament, to maintain a 2600+ performance. Epishin preferred taking a perpetual to dealing with a strong passed d-pawn and trouble along the f-file.

Photos: Epishin is on the left, Stanford on the right.
GM Svetozar Gligoric

Gligoric = Donaldson Another Slav Defence. I will let Slavophiles judge this 20-move draw.

Grandmaster Svetozar Gligoric, at the Keres Memorial.

Gary Basanta likes to have
 his photo taken

Basanta + Herder Against Herder's 8...h5, Basanta systematically demonstrated on the queenside to get Herder to castle kingside, and then pursued a determined central policy as Herder's queen was locked out of play on h7, defending the ... hmm.

Gary Basanta really likes to have his picture taken. This was as close as we could get to him.

Many tournaments have what are called "make up players" who are pressed into service to fill out an odd number of players. Lynn Stringer played in the first round, and Toni Deline was in that role for the Open section. I could have used him on Day Two, but his pairing card somehow got mixed up in a stack of magazines and I forgot about his availability. I am glad that it wasn't a regular player whose card went astray.

At any rate, we again had an odd number for Day Three. I tried to get in touch with Toni to see if he was available, but no luck. So I paired Berrocoso against ?. When, 15 minutes into the round, there was no Toni, I took up the gauntlet and began to play Berrocoso. Ten minutes later, of course, Toni showed up, but he did not seem disappointed. Toni is the tournament organizer, and an organizer always has a lot of fish to fry, and I'm not talking about playing chess.

I am tournament director (arbiter), with responsibilities as well. I think it is not allowed for the TD to play in a FIDE-rated event, so that made Lynn Stringer arbiter-in-chief du jour.

Another ten minutes pass, and Juri Vetemaa appears! Avid readers of this chronicle will remember that on Day Two, Juri did not show up for his game with Dale Haukenfrers. I asked Juri what happened yesterday and he answered me in German (which I don't speak, but the words were close enough that the meaning was unmistakable) that he was unable to find the place. That was after finding it on Day Zero and on Day One! Perhaps he had a lift to the site the other days. There's a lesson here, which is, give yourself an extra hour to find Totem Park, 2525 West Mall, to the South-West of UBC campus.

Fortunately, Toni Deline was available to play Juri Vetemaa, everybody had a game, and all's well that ends well.

Leader Board

3-0 Ivkov
2.5-0.5 Stanford
3-1 Orlov
2-1 Epishin, Gligoric, Donaldson, Basanta, Berry, Fullbrook, Harmon, Milicevic, Haukenfrers
3-2 Poitras

Players in the Accelerated schedule begin play Wednesday morning, and some of them (including some readers of this chronicle, hint, hint) will undoubtedly join the Leader Boards.

For when to register, please consult the schedule.

Under-2000 and Under-1700 sections

Leader Board

3-0 Moenke, Zamorano
2.5-0.5 Hamanishi, Chranowski
4-1 Crook
2-1 Krzyzowski, Firor, Hardy, Barnes, Chicoine
3-2 Kerry

Players in bold are in the Under-1700 section. Although the sections are paired together (until the last three rounds, when they will be paired separately), the prize funds are separate.

Players in the Accelerated schedule begin play Wednesday morning, and some of them (including some readers of this chronicle, hint, hint) will undoubtedly join the Leader Boards.

For when to register, please consult the schedule.

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