The games from Day Two
Open Section Crosstable
Under-2000, Under-1700 Section Crosstables still round 2 version, sorry.

Pairings for Day Three

We will be opening the site at Totem Park at 3 pm Monday and, barring the unforeseen, we will post pairings at 3:15.

Day Two top games

The morning session for Weekend schedule players saw enterprising player Jack Yoos make his fourth of five consecutive draws, this one against Georgi Orlov.

The afternoon session:


GM Epishin = IM Donaldson after having to defend precisely at several points, Donaldson arrived at a position where he might have played on, but missed a crucial plan.

Poitras = GM Gligoric A standard Nf3-g5-f3 draw in the Ruy Lopez.

GM Ivkov + Franett Ivkov-FranettBlack, defending a difficult hanging pawns position, got down to about 15 seconds before playing 36...c4, but then may have been surprised by 37.Bb2 and in the end was unable to punch his clock fast enough before the electronic flag fell at move 40. White was a pawn up.


IM Orlov + FM Friedman A challenging game where both sides appeared to be attacking on the kingside. White's better development paid off quickly.

Vetemaa -F Haukenfrers Juri Vetemaa has taken a lot of Vancuver's FIDE rating points with him back to Estonia over the years! We don't have his phone number and we hope that nothing has happened to him.

Clark Harmon

Harmon + Berrocoso A stock Nxd5 combination turned out not entirely successful for White, as he sacrificed the exchange to keep the pawn and the initiative. But Black soon got all tied up defending the queenside pawns, giving back the exchange. The rest was a grind job.

Mike Stanford

Stanford + Pupols Young Mike Stanford made his second big upset in as many rounds. When you play "Uncle Vik", you really know that you have played a chess game, and this was no exception.

So the leaders are:
2-0 Ivkov, Haukenfrers, Stanford
3-1 Orlov
1.5-0.5 Epishin, Gligoric, Donaldson, Herder
2-1 Fullbrook
3-2 Poitras

with 0-0 Ehlvest waiting in the wings (actually in Estonia) for the Accelerated schedule to begin Wednesday.

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