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Keres Memorial, Day One

The main schedule got underway today, with the grandmasters overcoming some tough customers in the accelerated pairings.

GMs Epishin, Gligoric and Ivkov each have 1-0, but the numerical leader is Nigel Fullbrook with 2-1.

Tournaments always fear losing a foreign GM flying in from an exotic location to some travel irregularity. Ironically, the Keres Memorial's only loss to travel mess-ups was the only Canadian IM on the pre-registration list, Lawrence Day.

It is still possible to enter, taking up to four half-point byes, or to enter the Accelerated schedule (along with GM Ehlvest), starting Wednesday, May 17th.

How do you get to the Keres Memorial? It's at Totem Park Residence at UBC, towards the south-west of campus. The signage has improved, but still isn't stellar. You go down 16th Avenue and turn North onto Marine Drive. Immediately take the West Mall turnoff (opposite the Botanical Garden sign). And you're pretty much there. There is free parking next to the tennis courts just south of the complex.

Here are the games of Day One.

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