B.C. Chess Federation - see their site for lots more Keres information, including the announcement and the list of early registrations. Many-times champion of Oregon Clark Harmon entered after the webmaster left, so perhaps we'll scoop him on that one.

Keres Memorial, Day Zero

The richness of alternative schedules does not seem to have caught, as the vast majority of entrants (so far) are going for the regular one-game-per-day schedule.

At the beginning of the Weekend or Workers or Two Weekend schedule Friday evening, only five boards were in play.

Players can still enter the one-game-a-day stream (the same as Grandmasters Gligoric, Ivkov, and Epishin) on Saturday May 13th (or even later with up to four half-point byes).

How do you get to the Keres Memorial? It's at Totem Park Residence at UBC, towards the south-west of campus. Sorry, it is poorly marked, but we're trying to improve. There is free parking next to the tennis courts just south of the complex.


Jack Yoos makes a move against Luc Poitras on Board 1.

1974 Canadian Junior Champion Nigel Fullbrook took the early lead by defeating Kaleim Nathani while Jack Yoos and Luc Poitras "took a bye" as Jack put it, after five and a half hours of intense struggle. Here are the games.

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